The first time I heard the “Arena” quote by Theodore Roosevelt was one of those moments in life where you slow down and think. Those moments are few and far between, I mean the ones that stop you in your tracks not the thinking part. It wasn’t a “Lifetime Movie: you are walking in slow motion to see your dead grandma who will tell you some life changing shit” moments, it was just a “woah” moment.

My partner and I

My name is Sarah and I don’t take a lot risks. Vulnerability, stepping into your role, into your life, is super scary and hard to do but as Teddy said, it’s not the person sitting on the sideline that matters, it’s the one doing.

This is me doing and stepping into my arena. This is me being vulnerable, reaching goals, and failing. If you want to join me on my journey, you are more than welcome to witness this crazy little yellow life of mine!

I will be talking about real life stuff, tips and tricks, hardships, triumphs, relationships, some poetry, and mental health. My goal is to share what I have learned about life and to keep learning with/from you guys so that we call all feel a little less alone and a little more loved. I want to help aid the mental health awareness movement that we are seeing, and LOVING. Without understanding and being accepting of mental health, there is no way for us as a society, country, planet, to move forward and progress.

The “Yellow” thing.

I like yellow.

It is happy and pretty, usually tied to optimism and I like that. Yellow is a strong reminder that even when I am feeling negative and dark, positivity is unwavering. Happiness and joy still await my return to the bright-side, no matter how long it takes me to get there.

Why Mental Health?

Mental health is my no. 1. I know some people will take this the wrong way but I am a partner, a mother, a writer, a learner, a worker, a friend, a daughter, and a sister second to mental health. If I do not have a firm grasp on my mental health and wellness, I will do none of the aforementioned things well or at all. So yeah, mental health is my jam.

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